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Stuart is a graduate of Flinders University in South Australia with a Bachelor of Languages Degree and a Honours Degree Bachelor of Arts. He is in the final semester of his Master of Language Studies Degree.

Stuart is pictured here with his Honours Degree thesis investigation of la bande dessinée, specifically, the adventures of Tintin and his creator. Stuart has furthered his investigation of the literature in his Masters Degree thesis investigation of the stereotypes, representations, and controversies in the Tintin albums and other comic book literature.

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What's new with Stu! 

An exciting new exhibition at Supanova Comic Con and Gaming this November 2019!

I am pleased to announce that I am curating an exhibition of retro pop culture of the 40s, 50s, and 60s at Supanova Comic Con and Gaming at the Adelaide Showgrounds this coming November 2 and 3.

This will be my second exhibition at Supanova in as many years and I look forward to presenting the visiting public with a journey to the golden age of the genre!

My exhibition at Supanova in 2018 offered pop culture aficionados a unique opportunity to view rare European comic book literature and memorabilia from the 1930s to present day. 

Next stage of my national speaking tour announced!

I have received a booking as a keynote speaker at Go Atomic Pop Culture Festival in Sydney this coming January 18 and 19.

I'll be undertaking two presentations each day...

A new presentation about Bettie Page and her association with photographer; Bunny Yeager as well as Bettie's influence in a global society, including comic book literature in the US and Europe.

Tintin Unmasked; a thesis investigation of the creator of Tintin, and the controversies surrounding his career as a comic strip illustrator during the Second World War.

Click on the Go Atomic Banner to visit the event website for all information!

Bilingual comic book adventure coming in 2020!

The Adventures of Paris and Freddy is a bilingual comic book series and is written in the French and English languages.

Paris and Freddy share a unique gift in being able to read each other's thoughts.

It's where Scooby Doo meets the X-Files, Buffy, and the Big Bang Theory with the hint of a classic Tintin adventure!

Follow the adventures of Paris, Freddy, and their gang of cosplayers as they foil crimes and uncover mysteries!

The first adventure The Fleurieu Fiasco is set for release in 2020!

Included to the Alliance Française anniversary book! 

The Alliance Française was founded in Paris in 1883 and is an international organisation with a focus to promote the French language and culture around the world.

There are 850 centres in 137 countries, including each state of Australia.

As part of the commemoration to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Alliance Française, a book was produced to offer a history of the organisation and a focus about many of the centres around the world, and I am honoured to be included in the book representing the Alliance Française here in Adelaide!

The passage in the book tells of my studies at the centre prior to, and during my studies at University.

The book is now on sale at all centres around the world!

The motto of the Alliance is 'learn French live French' and the centre provided me with a solid foundation enabling me to complete degrees in my chosen field of language teaching and culture studies.

Mega Toy Fair - Adelaide Showgrounds June 1 and 2


The Goyder Pavilion at the Adelaide Showgrounds was the venue for this year's Mega Toy and Rare Collectable Fair on June 1 and 2.

The event attracts industry professionals from around Australia to exhibit and sell their product to the greater Adelaide Community. 

I enjoyed a most successful weekend of marketing my upcoming speaking tour to visitors at the event as well as my association with the Tintin Shop in Singapore.

Lecturer at the University of Adelaide - May 29

Most appreciative thanks to Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann for inviting me to lecture to students of applied linguistics today at the University of Adelaide.

Today's lecture offered students an insight to Constructed Languages (Conlangs) that have been created for the entertainment industry.

The Klingon, Vulcan, Na'vi, Dothraki, and High Valyrian languages were discussed as well as an interactive workshop conducted on the Klingon Language offering basic knowledge in the language such as greetings and introduction; unique characteristics; its significance/influence in a global society; and information about where it might be possible to continue to learn the language in Adelaide or online.

I'll be presenting a series of Conlang workshops to the general public during National Science Week this coming August.


What's new with Stu - July 2017

July 6 - A capacity attendance for my guest speaking engagment!


Most appreciative thanks to The City of Burnside Library for hosting my guest speaking engagement.

I presented my latest research and promoted my upcoming book launch to an audience that were most receptive throughout the evening, and they offered much enthusiasm during the Q & A session that followed.

My next presentation will be in Sydney after I return from London and Paris on book promotion in mid - August.

Best wishes!

Encounter Celebration - Victor Harbor, April 8

The Encounter Celebration is a French Festival that is presented in the city of Victor Harbor, situated along the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

The festival commemorates the chance encounter between explorers, Matthew Flinders and Nicolas Baudin on April 8, 1802. I was a featured guest speaker at today's festival along with a variety of French performers. An open air French market and expo of classic sport cars were featured events during the festival.

Today I spoke about the cultural significance of classic European comic book literature and its influence on a global society. The next leg of my speaking tour will be on July 6 and I will be presenting portions of my recent thesis research and the release of my bilingual comic book series.

Guided tour of Adelaide's comic book stores!

I recently conducted a guided tour of Adelaide's comic book stores and related pop culture memorabilia businesses, to a group of fellow pop culture fans, though there was also a formal aspect of the tour, in purchasing a varied selection of comic book literature as part of my current thesis research.

I'll be conducting a comparative and socio-cultural analysis of various styles and eras of comic book literature and the direct or indirect influence of image and word association in the adolescent learner.

Oh, and yes... A perfect opportunity to catch up on Betty and Veronica!

Radio interview on ABC Adelaide, Jan 11

I was a guest on air recently with ABC Adelaide, Jan 11 with show host, Spence Denny about the 88th anniversary of Tintin and the character's influence on a global society, the celebrations that are occurring around the world, and my current book project and thesis research.

Clink on the image to listen to the interview. 


National Speaking Tour - Perth, October 22, 2016

The Bonjour Perth French Festival was the host for the second leg of my National Speaking Tour, Tintin Unmasked. 

Prior to my presentation, I had the opportunity to meet with many visitors attending the festival with much enjoyable conversation about the Tintin adventures and French culture.

My presentation was conducted in a more intimate setting being part of a large cultural festival, and it was well received by the audience with much information being shared during the discussion. I was provided with much enjoyment in hearing many personal moments from members of the audience of the significance of the Tintin character in their lives and the sharing of the the literature with each new generation born into their families.  

I had the chance to promote my Exhibition that is currently running in Adelaide to the visitors in Perth, should they be visiting adelaide during the exhibition's run.

Did you attend the Bonjour Perth Festival?

I value you commentary on my speaking presentation at the event!

Best wishes to all!


What's new with Stu - October 2016

Most appreciative thanks to my supporters - FlindersOne Fitness and Synergy Consulting Australia. 

Book Stuart to speak at your event, contact him direct via this website!

October 13 - A great radio interview today!

I had a fun time today during my interview with 1079 Lifefm presenter 'Scotty' about my exhbition and current thesis research and you can listen to the interview via this 1079 Lifefm banner!

Here is a link to 1079 Life FM for a review of the launch of my national speaking tour in Adelaide on September 1.

A great start to my national speaking tour!

September 1 was the official launch of my 2016 national speaking tour and Adelaide was the first city on the tour and what a great event it was!

The Unley Town Hall in Adelaide was the venue for two presentations with the first conducted during the day to a number of schools followed by an evening presentation to a large attendance of 120 fans and scholars of comic book literature.

My next event is in Perth on October 22, where I will be a featured presenter at 'Bonjour Perth' French Festival followed by 'Paris to Provence' French Festival in Melbourne, where I have been booked to speak on all three days of the event this coming November 18, 19 and 20.

The Perth French Festival is a showcase event in Western Australia and I am looking forward to engaging with my audience during my presentation at the event!

July and August thesis and book project research tour!

Taking in the City of Las Vegas, London and Belgium as part of my research tour during the northern hemisphere Summer proved to be a most positive excercise, and whilst in Las Vegas, I attended the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek Convention as part of my thesis research into popular culture. I had a most interesting experience and I was interviewed by a British radio journalist about my thesis investigation

A highlight of the convention was meeting Kirstie Alley 'post presentation' and what a dynamic woman she is!

A fun montage of images with fellow pop culture fans and tv prop pieces inside the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. 

The U.S. stage of my Thesis research trip proved to be most successful in gathering much material specific to my investigation.

A montage of images from the second stage of my thesis research trip in London and Belgium and it was inside the Hergé Museum just outside of Brussels where I would be based for the remainder of my research. 


Athletic Scholarship award ceremony at Flinders University - May 5

It was a grand occasion in receiving an elite athletic sport scholarship at Flinders University today along with 30 fellow students from many different sporting backgrounds. The scholarship will greatly assist me with my preparations for the upcoming 2016/17 Triathlon and Multisport Season!

A group image 'post presentation' of scholarships! 

A fantastic presentation at OzComicCon, Royal Adelaide Showgrounds - April 10

You know you have connected with the audience when the 'post presentation' Q & A segment is nearly as long as the talk!

I had most receptive audience for my presentation at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds for OzComicCon  a weekend convention showcasing the world of pop culture and social media. 

There was a massive attendance of pop culture fans during the two day convention!

Silversands Multisport Festival - April 3

A solid workout today!

Plenty of ocean swell to contend with during the opening swim leg of today's triathlon champs in the coastal city of Aldinga - South Australia.

After completing a great swim leg, my strategy was to consolidate my category lead for a fast run into the finish!

Winning my category as well as recording the fastest bike leg outright with the added bonus of an outright 4th place today, was most satisfying.

Up next is my speaking presentation at OzComicCon on April 10 as well as continuing on with my thesis research and of course..More racing!  

Guest presenter - OzComicCon Adelaide April 9 to 10

OzComicCon is a weekend convention celebrating all things popular culture and social media and I am looking forward to connecting with fans of classic European comic book literature during my presentation at the event. I'll also be delving into my recent thesis investigation of Hergé - The creator of one of popular culture's classic comic book characters - Tintin.

I'll be presenting on Stage 4 from 430pm - Sunday April 10

Pictured here during my presentation at OzComicCon 2015 with more than 20,000 fans visiting the two day convention in Adelaide!

The convention provides fans with a unique opportunity to be up close with many of their favourite Hollywood actors and Comic Book illustrators and gaming creators!