Stuart can be booked to speak at your event via this website!

Stuart has a Bachelor of Languages Degree, and a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree. He is currently undertaking the final year of his Masters Degree.

It was a grand occasion in completing my thesis investigation for my Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in French literature, language, and culture.

Stuart represented Australia at the 2012 World Duathlon Championships in Nancy, France, and again at the 2015 World Duathlon Championships in Adelaide with an outright 9th placing as well as recording the fastest bike leg of his race!






What's new with Stu - June 2018

Winter Speaking Tour - July and August!

I'm looking forward to engaging with my audiences during this tour, and for the first time, I am presenting my thesis investigation of Tintin and his creator, Hergé, in regional South Australia at Game Obsession Pop Culture Expo in Mannum on August 5.

Hot off the press everyone!

I have received a booking as a keynote speaker at the Game Obsession Expo this coming August 5 in Mannum, South Australia.

I'll be presenting two keynotes during the event. The first as part of my national speaking tour - Tintin Unmasked, and the second being a workshop on constructed languages that are being used in the entertainment industry. 

The Event Organisers have also booked me to create a pop-up exhibition of European comic book literature and collectables which will be located inside the main pavilion.

I'll also be appearing as Tintin during the event, and I look forward to connecting with fans of the ninth art.

More great news!

I am pleased to announce that I will be a featured speaker at National Science Week in Adelaide at the State Library of South Australia on August 9 and 12. 

I'll be presenting a keynote on Tintin's adventures in space, and his creator's influence in NASA's space program as well as many of the great science fiction films that were produced during the Cold War Era and the Space Race!

Keynote Speaker at AVCON Adelaide. July 20 to 22, 2018

I'll be presenting a keynote at Adelaide's Anime and Manga Expo on the subject of the influence of Japanese animation in European comic book literature and culture.

Details posted soon!

A third sellout keynote in Melbourne!

 My third Tintin keynote in Melbourne was a complete sellout capping off a most successful leg of my national speaking tour - Tintin Unmasked.

I enjoyed much interaction with my Melbourne audiences!

Children's Keynote at the Unley Town Hall

What a fun Keynote I presented to a bilingual (French/English) School in the City of Unley in Adelaide.
The topic was about Tintin and la bande dessinée (Franco/Belgian comic book literature), the style of art and story content, and their socio-cultural influence in a global society.

To enhance the learning experience for the children, a visual presentation with a Q&A and an exhibition of Tintin memorabilia, that included a selection of the literature printed in different languages, was also presented and explained. 

Free Comic Book Day Fun in Adelaide!

Free Comic Book Day is a global celebration of the comic book, and a platform to educate the greater community of the influence of the literature in a global society.

It's a day of fun and social interaction with fans of all genres and generations!

A sellout keynote at the City of Burnside Library!

I had a most receptive and enthusiastic audience during the presentation of my thesis research and investigation of Tintin's creator during the Second World War.

I'll be conducting keynotes in the Eastern States of Australia on this subject from July to November. 

There was much conversation offered from the attending group which generated a series of stories and anecdotes about many of the pieces on exhibit.

Keynote Speaker Unley Town Hall

I had a most receptive audience during my Keynote at the Unley Town Hall in Adelaide where I presented pieces of research from my current book project about Franco/Belgian comic book literature, specifically; Tintin, and his influence in a global society.

I'll be delivering keynotes in the Eastern sates of Australia about my thesis investigation of Tintin's creator during the Second World War.

Dates posted shortly!

Most appreciative thanks to the City of Unley for the booking!


What's new with Stu - March 2018

Lecturer at The University of Adelaide on March 20

Following on from my lecture at The Adelaide Language Festival at The University of Adelaide, I received an invitation to conduct a lecture on constructed languages to students of applied linguistics as part of their degree subject; Language in Society.

My lecture provided a background about languages that have been constructed specifically for the TV and film industry, for example; the Klingon language; where it is spoken and to which language family it belongs, number of speakers and percentage of children speaking it; basic knowledge in language such as greetings; one unique characteristic; and information about where it might be possible to continue to learn the language in Adelaide or online.

Most appreciative thanks to Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann for inviting me to lecture on the topic!

A great attendance for my keynote today!

The presentation explained a selection of more than 200 pieces that are on exhibit from the golden age of popular culture; the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

Lexicon: A Retro Pop Culture Exhibition, has received many visitors during its season and I am pleased to announce that The exhibition has been extended to April 15, and I have been booked to conduct the second keynote at the Unley Museum on April 8 at 3pm.

All welcome!

A Dalek invades my Adelaide Fringe Exhibition!

An official gatecrasher, but most welcome, as our Dalek from the classic TV series; Dr Who will greet all visitors upon entering Lexicon.  

The exhibition is being well attended with much interest in my upcoming keynote historical presentation about popular culture in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

I will be speaking at The Unley Museum on March 18 and April 8 from 3pm, and all welcome! 

Radio Interview with 1079 Life FM, Feb 22!

I had a most enjoyable time during my interview with 1079 Life Fm Breakfast Show Presenters, Scotty and Bec, with much conversation about my current Adelaide Fringe Festival Exhibition, Lexicon: A Retro Pop Culture Exhibition that also offers the viewer a linguistic, and cultural presentation of the celebration of the genre, and its influence in a global society. 

Selected pieces that are on exhibit were discussed with many personal memories shared from this era of pop culture. 

Most appreciative thanks to 1079 Life FM for the promotion of my exhibition!

Exhibition Exhibitor - Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018!

A great attendance for the offical launch of my Fringe Exhibition!

There was a steady flow of visitors to the launch of Lexicon - An exhibition of retro pop culture from the golden age (1940s, 50s, and 60s), is sure to entertain and inform lovers of TV, Film, Radio, and Music! 

I have been booked to conduct a guided tour of the exhibition during its run, and if you click on the event banner below, exhibition times, and tour can be viewed! 

Lexicon runs from Feb 15 to March 25!

Guest Lecturer/Presenter - Adelaide Language Festival - November 29

What a fantastic festival it was!

I conducted a lecture on artistically constructed languages that have been engineered for the tv and film industry. There are more than 100 languages that are being studied by scholars and pop culture fans, and I presented the Klingon language from the Star Trek Universe; Its unique syntax and structure of grammar.  

The course provided background about the language, for example; where it is spoken and to which language family it belongs, number of speakers and percentage of children speaking it; basic knowledge in language such as greetings; one unique characteristic; and information about where it might be possible to continue to learn the language in Adelaide or online.

30 languages were presented during the festival which was open to the general public, and I am most pleased in receiving an invitation to be a featured lecturer once again at next year's festival!

See link below for an interview conducted by SBS TV National News about my lecture at the Adelaide Language Festival.

Interview with SBS TV 

Guest Presenter - Supanova Comic-Con on November 17 to 19!  

I was a featured presenter at Supanova Comic-Con and Gaming Expo in Adelaide on November 17, and I presented a new talk; Asterix vs The World. A comparative analysis of Asterix and other classic European comic book literature and their American, Australian and British counterparts. 

I had a most enjoyable time engaging with the audience during my presentation, and on day two of the festival, I conducted a linguistic presentation/interactive workshop on artistically constructed languages that have been specifically engineered for the entertainment industry.

A most enthusiastic audience in attendance with the syntax of two languages; Klingon and Vulcan, from the Star Trek franchise, explained and demonstrated with audience participation encouraged!

Record attendances for Supanova Comic-Con and Gaming Festival in Adelaide!

Interview with the Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper on Artistically Constructed Languages

Click on the article to view in a larger format 


What's new with Stu - October 2017

Guest presenter - State Library of South Australia, October 15!

Hetzel Lecture Theatre 

"tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'? "Dif-tor heh smusma"

Fantastic weather in Adelaide today, perfect for inspiring the enquiring mind during my presentation at The State Library of South Australia.

Today I conducted a presentation about artistically constructed languages that have been created for the TV and Film Industry.

The audience were taken on a journey into the culture of the Klingon society from the Star Trek universe before learning selected pieces of grammar, words, and sounds of the language.

There was an array of TV and Film, costumes, props, and Klingon language literature on exhibit during the event.

Guest Speaker - State Library of South Australia, August 26 & 27!

The Woomera Exhibition officially commenced today inside the State Library of South Australia and runs until November 12.

Key note speakers include Astronaut; Buzz Aldrin, who will address the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide next month.

I had a most receptive audience during both of my presentations with a great selection of questions posed to me 'post presentation!'

My investigation reveals the real life connection between the Tintin character and related comic book literature and the Woomera Rocket Base during the cold war era and the space race.

A most successful European promotion!

I have just returned from a month long journey in Europe and the U.K. promoting the upcoming release of my bilingual comic book series as well as conducting more thesis research.



What's new with Stu - July 2017

July 6 - A capacity attendance for my guest speaking engagment!


Most appreciative thanks to The City of Burnside Library for hosting my guest speaking engagement.

I presented my latest research and promoted my upcoming book launch to an audience that were most receptive throughout the evening, and they offered much enthusiasm during the Q & A session that followed.

My next presentation will be in Sydney after I return from London and Paris on book promotion in mid - August.

Best wishes!

Encounter Celebration - Victor Harbor, April 8

The Encounter Celebration is a French Festival that is presented in the city of Victor Harbor, situated along the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

The festival commemorates the chance encounter between explorers, Matthew Flinders and Nicolas Baudin on April 8, 1802. I was a featured guest speaker at today's festival along with a variety of French performers. An open air French market and expo of classic sport cars were featured events during the festival.

Today I spoke about the cultural significance of classic European comic book literature and its influence on a global society. The next leg of my speaking tour will be on July 6 and I will be presenting portions of my recent thesis research and the release of my bilingual comic book series.

Guided tour of Adelaide's comic book stores!

I recently conducted a guided tour of Adelaide's comic book stores and related pop culture memorabilia businesses, to a group of fellow pop culture fans, though there was also a formal aspect of the tour, in purchasing a varied selection of comic book literature as part of my current thesis research.

I'll be conducting a comparative and socio-cultural analysis of various styles and eras of comic book literature and the direct or indirect influence of image and word association in the adolescent learner.

Oh, and yes... A perfect opportunity to catch up on Betty and Veronica!

Radio interview on ABC Adelaide, Jan 11

I was a guest on air recently with ABC Adelaide, Jan 11 with show host, Spence Denny about the 88th anniversary of Tintin and the character's influence on a global society, the celebrations that are occurring around the world, and my current book project and thesis research.

Clink on the image to listen to the interview. 


What's new with Stu, December 2016

December 16 - French Linguistic Program development

The recent introduction of a French themed village I constructed, is designed to assist the children that are participating in the French linguistic program that I coordinate at a private educational center in Adelaide.

The Village promotes an atmosphere of immersion and authenticity during role play exercises and partnered activities, with much enthusiasm reciprocated from the class. Children can interact without a feeling of inhibition, with an emphasis of fun in their language learning at this level.

There are five pieces that make up my interactive French village, each with a different theme, that requires a different selection of French grammar to be utilised and practised, as well as the association of colour identification of specific words of description in French language. 

Guest lecturer at Adelaide High School - December 2, 2016

I was invited to speak to Teachers and Students at Adelaide High School about my thesis research and upcoming book release. I had a most enjoyable time presenting a historical analysis on selected pieces of my work, with much engagement with the audience during the event.

I am looking forward to the new year as I prepare to visit the eastern states of Australia as part of my national speaking tour.