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Stuart is a graduate of Flinders University in South Australia with a Bachelor of Languages Degree and an Honours Degree Bachelor of Arts. He is in the final month of his Master of Language Studies Degree.

Stuart is pictured here with his Honours Degree thesis investigation of la bande dessinée, specifically, the adventures of Tintin and his creator. Stuart has furthered his investigation of the literature in his Masters Degree thesis investigation of the stereotypes, representations, and controversies in the Tintin albums and other comic book literature.

Stuart can be booked as a keynote speaker at your event via this website.


French and English language tuition with Stuart

Stuart is a Teacher of French, English, and Constructed Languages and he offers private tuition upon request, with fees negotiable depending on the number of sessions that are booked. 

Stuart is the coordinator of the French Linguistic Program at an educational centre north of Adelaide. He created this unique French Village to enhance the children's language learning experience in a scene of authenticity when conducting conversation practice and the transferring of specific French grammar.

Stuart has been an invited lecturer at the University of Adelaide to students of Applied Linguistics.

Stuart has lectured to students of French Language and Culture at Adelaide High School, and he has also mentored students at Reynella East College and the Australian Refugee Association.

Stuart can also assist in accent change and correct pronunciation enabling non-native English speakers to be clearly understood in a professional and social environment by everyone, no matter what the situation, and conduct English language classes to groups or individuals to enhance their fluency, writing skills and cross-cultural communication, as well as assist actors with accent change for character roles and keynote speakers and presenters in enhancing their linguistic skills for public speaking. 

Stuart A Blair BLang BA Hons Flin

Bachelor of Languages Degree (Extended Major in French language and culture, TESOL, Applied Linguistics)

Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree (specialising in French language and Culture, Bande Dessinée Franco-Belge and Applied Linguistics)

He is in the final semester of his Master of Language Studies Degree at Flinders University in Adelaide - South Australia. 

To make a booking for individual or group language tuition, or as a visiting lecturer at your institution, please follow this link.  

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