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Stuart is a graduate of Flinders University in South Australia with a Bachelor of Languages Degree and a Honours Degree Bachelor of Arts. He is in the final semester of his Master of Language Studies Degree.

Stuart is pictured here with his Honours Degree thesis investigation of la bande dessinée, specifically, the adventures of Tintin and his creator. Stuart has furthered his investigation of the literature in his Masters Degree thesis investigation of the stereotypes, representations, and controversies in the Tintin albums and other comic book literature.

Stuart can be booked as a keynote speaker at your event via this website.

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What's new with Stu - December 2018

Constructed Language keynote at Supanova Comic-Con and Gaming, November 2 to 4, Adelaide Showgrounds 2018 

Supanova was a hoot!

It was most satisfying to present another constructed language keynote to pop culture fans and language enthusiasts. My lecture provided a background about languages that has been constructed specifically for the TV and film industry, for example; the Klingon language; where it is spoken and to which language family it belongs, number of speakers and percentage of children speaking it; basic knowledge in language such as greetings; one unique characteristic; and information about where it might be possible to continue to learn the language in Adelaide or online.

Special thanks to the organisers of Supanova for adding me to their event lineup of speakers. 

It was a very busy event as I had received a double booking to also curate Australia's first exhibition of la bande dessinée at Supanova Adelaide.

I enjoyed a steady flow of the approx; 20,000 pop culture fans that attended Supanova, and included to the exhibition was rare literature from the 1930s to present day, as well as a series of dioramas and sculptures.  

Franco-Belgian comic book literature is officially recognised as the ninth art, and many fan favourites like; Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke, and others were on exhibit all weekend!  

Most appreciative thanks to Supanova Comic Con and Gaming and I was chuffed to receive an invite to curate another exhibition at next year's event!

Adelaide Comic-Con and Toy Fair 2018  

This year's convention was conducted on the October long weekend and attracted a massive attendance of pop culture enthusiasts!

I enjoyed a most successful day of marketing and promotion of my upcoming keynote speaking engagements to pop culture aficionados during their visit to my expo stand at the event.

Keynote Speaker at National Science Week - August 12

My Winter speaking tour finished today with a second keynote at the State Library of South Australia.

The presentation included research from both of my thesis investigations of Tintin's creator, and I enjoyed a most inquisitive 'post presentation' Q & A.

There was also some time for me to promote my supporters ; the Tintin Shop in Singapore to my audience and to visitors attending the State Library of South Australia during the day!

Special thanks to the State Library for the booking!

Keynote Speaker at State Library of South Australia - August 9!

There was a most inquisitive audience in attendance at the State Library of South Australia tonight!

I was one of four keynote speakers that formed a panel to discuss science fiction to science fact.

Do the two intertwine and meet?

Are they contradictory?

Published article in Empire Times Magazine.

This article covers my recent thesis research tour and book project in the US, UK and Europe investigating the subject of pop culture fandom and the sub-cultures of fans that dedicate their lives to the celebration of their favourite hero or tv show. 

Click on the image to view the article!

Tintin Unmasked at Game Obsession Expo - August 5!

Today I was in Country South Australia at Game Obsession Pop Culture Expo at Mannum Showgrounds as the Keynote Speaker.

My first presentation delved into my thesis investigation of Tintin's creator and the controversy that surrounded his employment as a Writer/Illustrator during the Second World War.

My second keynote of the day at Game Obsession Pop Culture Expo discussed Conlangs (Constructed Languages).

Fun was today's focus with much encouragment offered to my audience to participate during the workshop as they delved into learning a language that has been created for the tv and film industry. Today, Klingon language was the focus, and I had a most enjoyable time engaging with my audience!

Special thanks to Game Obsession Pop Culture Expo for booking me as their Keynote Speaker.

Keynote Speaker at AVCON, July 20 - 22 

I had a most enjoyable time engaging with the audience during my keynote at Adelaide's Anime and Video Games Festival at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

My presentation discussed Manga's influence in European and American Comic Book Literature and Culture, and the sub-culture of fans that dedicate their lives to the celebration of their favourite heroes.

'Post presentation' I had the chance for some great conversation with fellow aficionados of the literature!

Bastille Day celebrations in Adelaide - July 13 and 14!

There was a great atmosphere at the Adelaide Central Market during their celebration of Bastille Day. A wide range of cultural events were presented as part of the weekend commemoration, and I had a most enjoyable time connecting with visitors about the significance of the event. 

Of course, plenty of fun Tintin cosplay to be had!

Winter Speaking Tour - July and August!

I'm looking forward to engaging with my audiences during this tour, and for the first time, I am presenting my thesis investigation of Tintin and his creator, Hergé, in regional South Australia at Game Obsession Pop Culture Expo in Mannum on August 5.

A third sellout keynote in Melbourne!

 My third Tintin keynote in Melbourne was a complete sellout capping off a most successful leg of my national speaking tour - Tintin Unmasked.

I enjoyed much interaction with my Melbourne audiences!

Children's Keynote at the Unley Town Hall

What a fun Keynote I presented to a bilingual (French/English) School in the City of Unley in Adelaide.
The topic was about Tintin and la bande dessinée (Franco/Belgian comic book literature), the style of art and story content, and their socio-cultural influence in a global society.

To enhance the learning experience for the children, a visual presentation with a Q&A and an exhibition of Tintin memorabilia, that included a selection of the literature printed in different languages, was also presented and explained. 

Free Comic Book Day Fun in Adelaide!

Free Comic Book Day is a global celebration of the comic book, and a platform to educate the greater community of the influence of the literature in a global society.

It's a day of fun and social interaction with fans of all genres and generations!

A sellout keynote at the City of Burnside Library!

I had a most receptive and enthusiastic audience during the presentation of my thesis research and investigation of Tintin's creator during the Second World War.

I'll be conducting keynotes in the Eastern States of Australia on this subject from July to November. 

There was much conversation offered from the attending group which generated a series of stories and anecdotes about many of the pieces on exhibit.

Keynote Speaker Unley Town Hall

I had a most receptive audience during my Keynote at the Unley Town Hall in Adelaide where I presented pieces of research from my current book project about Franco/Belgian comic book literature, specifically; Tintin, and his influence in a global society.

I'll be delivering keynotes in the Eastern sates of Australia about my thesis investigation of Tintin's creator during the Second World War.

Dates posted shortly!

Most appreciative thanks to the City of Unley for the booking!