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Stuart is a graduate of Flinders University in South Australia with a Bachelor of Languages Degree and a Honours Degree Bachelor of Arts. He is in the final semester of his Master of Language Studies Degree.

Stuart is pictured here with his Honours Degree thesis investigation of la bande dessinée, specifically, the adventures of Tintin and his creator. Stuart has furthered his investigation of the literature in his Masters Degree thesis investigation of the stereotypes, representations, and controversies in the Tintin albums and other comic book literature.

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What's new with Stu - October 2017

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Guest presenter - State Library of South Australia, October 15!

Hetzel Lecture Theatre 

"tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'? "Dif-tor heh smusma"

Fantastic weather in Adelaide today, perfect for inspiring the enquiring mind during my presentation at The State Library of South Australia.

Today I conducted a presentation about artistically constructed languages that have been created for the TV and Film Industry.

The audience were taken on a journey into the culture of the Klingon society from the Star Trek universe before learning selected pieces of grammar, words, and sounds of the language.

There was an array of TV and Film, costumes, props, and Klingon language literature on exhibit during the event.

Guest Speaker - State Library of South Australia, August 26 & 27!

The Woomera Exhibition officially commenced today inside the State Library of South Australia and runs until November 12.

Key note speakers include Astronaut; Buzz Aldrin, who will address the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide next month.

I had a most receptive audience during both of my presentations with a great selection of questions posed to me 'post presentation!'

My investigation reveals the real life connection between the Tintin character and related comic book literature and the Woomera Rocket Base during the cold war era and the space race.

A most successful European promotion!

I have just returned from a month long journey in Europe and the U.K. promoting the upcoming release of my bilingual comic book series as well as conducting more thesis research.


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